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Sarah S

Hi Robyn, as I write this feedback i do not honestly know what words to pick up to exactly describe how accurate, insightful, encouraging your readings are. I know you for like 5 years now and have had many readings and all of them lifted up my spirits, gave me hope and direction when i felt lost in this big world and specially, when times are hard. You have been a great friend and great guide and I wish you all the best so that you can keep on sharing your talents with us to guide u through hard time towards positivity and right decision for many and many more years to come. Thank you so much for everything.


Firstly, I have had numerous reading's over the last 30 years, and I have also had two readings from different readers in the last 6 months. Robyn picked up on all the themes and messages from the two other readers, but was able to explain the situations, and give advice that was spot on for me.... I have never had email reading before either, but for me this has defiantly worked. her service is swift, and she very polite and clear with her thoughts. I genuinely do recommend Robyn, and I will use her again now with any situation I find myself in which needs guidance. thank you Robyn.

Thank you very much for your reading. I do appreciate it.

A lot of it makes sense and I totally agree with it, will just need to start putting it in practice I believe. I do feel much calmer now so thanks a lot for that and all your advice!

Miss E.W.

Many thanks for this! Everything makes sense, and I got what I need most - HOPE. Miss K

I'd just like to say thank you so much for my tarot reading, it was really interesting and accurate (in parts of present life issues). t just to say thank you for your time and expertise, I am truly grateful. I hope you have a wonderful day.

xx Miss C T

I just wanted to feed back on your last few readings that you've done for me. One of my questions was about work and you indicated that I would want to leave my present work very quickly! To be honest I was a bit flummoxed as to how that would happen. Well I've been letting all in the info you sent over settle, but I had to let you know that I emailed an old work contact about freelance radio work, and they got back to me straight away to say some work had come up due to start in the next 5 weeks. Then I got a call back to say could I in fact start next week!

Thought I should let you know!

Many thanks again for the readings.

Best wishes,

L. x

This is my second reading with Robyn and yet again she has been very accurate regarding my circumstances. I now have a clearer understanding of what I need to do to achieve the things I am hoping for. I decided to return to Robyn after I had my first reading approximately 6 months ago. She hit the nail on the head regarding the relationship I was in at the time and after finally seeing the light and getting myself on track, I wanted to know I was on my way to achieving my goals. I can honestly say that without Robyn's advice, I would still be in the same miserable situation I was in 6 months ago. Thank you Robyn for your insight and most of all your kind words. I'll be back to hear my next update in 6 months.

Mel x.

Thanks again, Robyn, for your insightful reading - you have given me a lot of clarity surrounding my situation. I can now see the wood for the trees and have a much clearer idea of what to do to move forward. I will certainly recommend you if any of my friends are looking for a reading.

A xx

Having never had a reading before I was a little nervous but Robyn immediately put me at ease with her kind and genuine manner. She was amazingly insightful towards my situation and I found it an uplifting and enlightening experience. I came away feeler much calmer and better prepared to face the challenges ahead. I would recommend Robyn to anyone looking for a bit of guidance in their lives. Thank you so much. Lucy xx

Hi Robyn.

Wow! There are things in the reading that almost sound like you've read my mind. Thank you so much for your detailed email. I'm sure I will have to read the reading again a few times as at the moment, all I'm finding myself think is 'wow'!

Sandy x

Hi Robyn,

I just wanted to say that the reading was very helpful and has made me make some good decisions. Thank you,


Thank you so much, you've sent me the best reading I’ve ever seen

Thanks again ;-)

Thanks so much for your reading Robyn, it was definitely not what I wanted to hear.. but it was so accurate, and I think I already knew this was the case, just needed to hear it from someone else.

I know what to do now.

Gina xxx

Hi Robyn, Many thanks for this - it really gave me clarity about a number of things! I'll definitely take on board what you said and no doubt I will speak with you again :).


Dear Robyn, I think you are a very gifted person. Your reading helped me analyse my own emotions and work out the "strategy" for the future.

Miss A

It is absolutely lovely to meet people who are not money orientated but genuinely want to help and you are definitely one of them!

It was lovely to speak to you Robyn.

All the best

Mrs A xxx

Thank you Robyn for the reading and for your frankness and honesty. It was very insightful and definitely quite accurate in many respects - definitely the kick up the rear I needed in some areas too! I'm sure all will become clear as time goes on and I act accordingly.

Mr D.

Hi Robyn, Thank you so much for your reading, I really appreciate it! It is absolutely amazing and true!!! I will recommend you to other people!

Kind Regards,


Robyn is an angel. It was so very wonderful to speak with her and she was so clear, accurate, warm, detailed, thorough, thoughtful and encouraging. I've recommended her to my close ones and cannot recommend her higher. I immediately made the decisions that I'd sat on for a long, long time and feel a lot more honest and healthy for having done so.

I am absolutely delighted with my reading, I feel a huge sense of peace and security in your words- I am still digesting them but I know instinctively that this is exactly what i needed to hear right now- I am really really very grateful to you and whatever light steered me in your direction.

Your work is really so important and impactful, thank you so much for sharing with me - i will be in touch again in time.

Have a wonderful day Robyn!

C x

Hi Robyn, I just wanted to let you know I have been offered my dream job like you predicted:)

Many thanks,


I had a reading, my first one, with robyn three months ago; I have waited to submit my feedback as, I wanted to see if she was right... WOW! Everything she predicted was right, even down to dates!... Her reading was such a pleasant experience, she was emphatic, funny and even when we talked about delicate matters, very kind and humane;

I just bought a new one has her guidance is priceless!

Hi Robyn - have booked another reading, My last year reading was spot on so you are amazing Robyn!

Hi Robyn. I can't thank you enough. The reviews I read said you were the best and you have proved that to be right. Who knows what will happen but I feel happier in myself and am just about ready to move on and wait and see what the future brings.

Thanks again

Best wishes

B x

Hi Robyn. Thank you for the reading. It has given me something to think about. A lot of what you said is spot on. So thank you and ill be in touch soon.


Thank you for the reading, I will tell you this though, you have [somehow] managed to be very accurate. I don’t know how. Thank you very much and I really am quite impressed. No idea how you do that but, great insight.

Mr M.B.

So - I have had a chance to really read and take in my reading ... And I can't help but smile. It's probably the best reading you have ever given me and is once again so spot on in both relationship and work. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have guided me through this last twelve months... I never believed I could he this happy

I have read your report and I have to say you describe exactly my actual situation and the way I'm feeling... and for the future...I hope it comes true!

Thanks again for your reading and your guide


I just wanted to say thank you so much for your reading. It really has given me a lot to think about! And thank you for all your time .. you have been great. Im sure you will be hearing from again some time!


I wanted to touch base and let you know that since than I did get offered the job :) and I am know in Singapore.

- new job, new apartment, new friends etc.

Look forward to speaking to you soon.

Thank you for your advice and guidance.


Hi Robyn, Hope you are doing fine? I just wanted to say thank again so much for your words and just being able to speak to you really helped me. I will def. keep in mind what you said and try to adapt the changes. Hope to see you soon! We should keep in contact, would be nice :)

J x

Wow this is fantastic! Thank you so much! It really chmes with what you had to say at the start of the year and with how I am looking at things anyway. I shall have to read and reread this several times but I'm thrilled at my first read! Thank you so so much!


This lady is amazing. I have countless readings in the past, she is sincere and very straight forward. The guidance I was given has helped me along my way. She had got a lot spot on, I am still awaiting some things to happen but I'm sure it will. I really recommend this lady! I have seen big names and silly prices, her prices are also very good.

Give it a go and you we'll be amazed guaranteed.

Thank you so much Robyn

After searching high and low for a genuine, reliable Tarot reader, I found Robyn. I had a telephone reading yesterday and I can honestly say that, she really helped and gave me the exact guidance I needed in this moment. I have been to other readers in the past and have not had any that are so to the point and clear as Robyn. I will defiantly be going to her again, if anything else comes up in the future that I need guidance on. Robyn knew things without me having told her and she was very clear on how things would unfold and take place. Which is exactly what I needed.

Robyn thank you so much.

I highly recommend Robyn, I'm just in after an eventful day and thought I'd take a moment to post this feedback - just to say how accurate her readings have been. In the two readings I’ve had from Robyn she highlighted two significant events which have come true.

I have a new house lined up and hoping to collect keys middle of March with view to moving totally by end of March - a little one bed house in what's known as a posh area closer to work. In my first reading back in September she told me about this move in the Spring time, and even described my new home. With my move completing at the end of this month I think her prediction covers that perfectly in every detail!

Robyn also picked up on my private life and the concerns I’d had over my partner being involved with another woman. I’d had my suspicions, but Robyn had no prior knowledge of this. Robyn described the situation with detail and predicted how the coming months would unfold relating to his behaviour – all I can say is Robyn was so accurate with this! Everything she described has happened this week (which she also predicted accurately in the timeline).

Without Robyn’s readings I would not have been prepared for these big events in my life. With Robyn’s guidance I have been able to overcome these challenges and keep my life on track.What more can I say about Robyn…. She rocks!

Robyn - I just wanted to drop you a line this morning to say a massive Thank You, not just for the reading which was honest , understanding and delivered with empathy but for the truth that lies within the reading. It has given me guidance and peace of mind, and I believe although times are tough now there is hope. I look forward to the challenges that lie ahead of me and will refer back to your reading as they present themselves as i truly believe that this will give me the strength and courage i need to move closer to my dream.

Having had a couple of e mail readings before which were truly terrible i struggled with choosing another but so glad i did. I felt now was a good time and having found your site i pondered for a few days before contacting you. Something told me this would be different, and it was, firstly it was spot on!

Thank You once again for the truth, i needed to hear it. I will think of you as the next few months evolve and i am sure we will talk again.


Dear Robyn. I appreciate everything you told me, thank you once again. This was the best, most realistic and true to the meaning tarot reading I have ever had. You have given the real meaning to the tarot reading, unlike some other who turned tarot reading from its real intention in guiding people to more superficial future reading/prediction.


Wow. What a read.

Sincere and abundant thanks to you for your time, insight and profound gift. I will process a bit at a time of course - but I'm on it !!

-and look forward to our next "round" when do you suggest?

sending many xoxox to you. I'm blessed for our meeting.

Robyn has been lovely and insightful. I am grateful that with her help. I was able to see my path more clearly and I have found the strength I needed. This was my first time ever and I don’t think I will be able to try anybody else. I feel a connection to her, which would be rare to find again. If you are reading this, you should know that you are lucky to have found this website!


I just had a Tarot Card reading with Robyn. It was very easy to set up the reading even though I don't live in the UK and within a day of setting it up Robyn gave me the results. She responded in detail to the questions that I asked and was very generous with her time, and responded very quickly when I had several follow up questions. The reading definitely addressed the questions that I contacted her about, and in addition to guidance relevant to those questions, offered a few surprises. For a reading that's fast and insightful, with a reader who's generous and professional, I'd definitely recommend Robyn.

From LC

Oh my you are so talented . everything you have mentioned is true


Had a wonderful reading with Robyn. Picked up on several things straight away that are going on in my life right now and given me some key pieces of information about my future.

Thanks Robyn, will be back for another reading soon. Katie