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Tarot Readings | Guide

Many people ask whether distance tarot readings are as powerful as face to face readings. Actually it doesn't matter whether you are right next to me or whether you are many miles away, for distance is not a problem for spiritual energy

If you’d love to have a tarot reading and you’re not able to meet me in person, then "email-tarot-readings" are as equally rewarding! I provide a range of tarot card readings via email - which offer a quick and easy way for you to find answers to your questions. My email tarot readings are carried out in exactly the same way as in-person readings,


Once you have purchased one of my tarot readings please email me your date of birth, first name and of course any specific special question that you would like to ask the cards.

(please also read my guide about how to ask the Tarot cards your questions)

This can also be done during the PayPal process by adding a 'messege to seller'.

The reading will be sent out to you as quickly as possible - within 5 days, often sooner.

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